The deadline for media accreditation for the 2023 FORMULA 1 HEINEKEN SILVER LAS VEGAS GRAND PRIX has passed and we are no longer accepting applications for media accreditation. The 2024 application will open next year.

This page contains information for media interested in applying for accreditation for the inaugural FORMULA 1 HEINEKEN SILVER LAS VEGAS GRAND PRIX from November 16-18, 2023.

Please read the following information carefully before applying for national media accreditation.

ACCREDIATION PROCESS: The following procedure is for US-based media, including written / print media; digital media, photographers, national/regional radio.

Broadcast, Film and Social Media (Audio and Video Recording)

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International Media Accreditation

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The online accreditation form (use button below) must be filled in completely, by Sunday, October 15, 2023, 11 p.m. PT, with all required supporting documents. Incomplete applications will be rejected.
All applications must include:


(US-based media only, including written and print media; digital media, photographers, national/regional radio)

  • a formal application letter written on the applicant’s publication letterhead, undertaking to publish one or more reports from the event and stating when those report(s) will appear. This letter must be signed by the editor or senior member of the editorial staff. The letter must confirm the name(s) of the representative who will be covering the event, including job title, and that each person applying for accreditation will be contributing to coverage from the event.

  • Contact details, including email address and mobile telephone number, must be provided for the representative(s) and editor / senior member of the editorial staff.

  • Sample of the publication (if requested)

  • Applicants should supply pdf proof previous coverage of Formula 1® and / or motorsport.

  • Information on the publication, including circulation, frequency, etc.

  • ID photo

  • press card (if applicable)


  • Commitment to devote coverage to F1®

  • Highest standards of accuracy and fairness are expected from the accredited media

  • Only bona-fide journalists/photographers to be accredited as such. Other staff of the publication (marketing, sub-editors, assistants, etc.) cannot be accredited as media.

  • Must be on sale to the general public. Publications must be of a sufficient circulation to warrant allocation of a credential. Correspond to the FIA’s publication and circulation criteria.

  • All accreditations are subject to final approval by the FIA.

  • Photo agencies must be able to prove that pictures have been regularly sold to at least three publications and have been paid for at the normal commercial rate.

  • Freelance journalists must apply for credentials via their own agencies. The onus is on the applicant to prove the supply of regular stories to three publications fulfilling the FIA accreditation criteria.

  • Freelance photographers must apply via their own agency. They must prove that they supply regular F1 coverage to at least three publications matching the FIA accreditation criteria.


  • Applications from websites will be considered for professional, stand-alone internet editorial/news coverage only.

  • Digital/online media applying for accreditation must be able to prove traffic figures, a specific section devoted to Formula 1, and a high percentage of unique content.

  • The applicant must submit satisfactory evidence of publication on the website of Formula 1 news coverage.

  • The applicant must respect the intellectual property rights of the FIA, the Formula 1 Commercial Rights Holder and third parties. This includes the strict prohibition on the taking of any moving picture images, sound recordings, use of trademarks, titles or logos as further set out in the accreditation agreement.

  • Website applications are subject to final approval by the FIA.

Deadline to submit national media accreditation applications for 2023 has passed. Please check back later for the 2024 application.


BROADCAST, FILM AND AUDIO RECORDING: Including US television stations and international television stations based in the US, video, filming for social media, vloggers, podcasts, websites/platforms wishing to produce video, sound or audio recordings, international radio stations as well as commercial photographers must apply directly to the following Formula 1 Media Accreditation contacts:

Formula 1 Media Accreditation Office
All Rightsholders: Suzanne Simmonds, [email protected] and/or Sheila Pattni, [email protected]
Non-Rightsholders: Holly Boyd, [email protected]
All Podcasts: John Manning, [email protected]
International Radio: John Manning, [email protected]

INTERNATIONAL MEDIA ACCREDITATION: All international requests from media or agencies, for race-by-race accreditation, must be made via the FIA’s online accreditation system: Please do not use this form.

To view and download the latest media accreditation guidelines from the FIA.